Water Quality Markets


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Water quantity markets, including groundwater offsets and in-stream buybacks, operate when water rights are appropriated for non-consumptive use, or when water rights are shifted between users to reallocate resources within a watershed.

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State of Watershed Investment 2014 
Forest Trends’ Ecosystem Marketplace is a source of information on environmental markets, including watershed investments. This report provides survey data from a variety of governments, businesses and donors investing in water markets. 
  Mammoth Trading  
Mammoth Trading operates a certified irrigated acreage market in the Twin Platte Natural Resources District in Nebraska. Mammoth works on both water quantity and quality. 
Factors determining the economic value of groundwater  
This report, published in the Hydrology Journal by Qureshi et al., describes the components relevant to the economic valuation of groundwater resources in an effort to address excessive groundwater extraction that threatens aquifer sustainability.