Manage your impact: Interactive Environmental Market Tools >>

The tools below can be used to quantify environmental benefits of conservation practices, register credits for sale, explore environmental resources in your area, and more. To learn more about tools used in environmental markets, browse the resources below or use the search box to find what you’re looking for.

The list of tools below is not exhaustive, but meant to serve as a starting point for those looking to learn about the tools used in environmental markets. Click here to submit a resource that isn’t listed. 

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Ecosystem Services Tools>>

>>  EnviroAtlas  

      > Webinar on environmental market layers in Enviroatlas 


    >>  Chesapeake Bay Model  


    >>  EPA NEPAssist 

      >>  SPARR
    >> USDA NRCS Web Soil Survey    >> Ecosystem Services Assessment Portal

    Water Quality Market Tools >>

    >>  NTT: Nutrient Tracking Tool  


      >>  Chesapeake Bay Model  


      >>  NutrientNet:

        >>  SPARROW  


      Carbon Market Tools >>

      >>  COMET-FARM  


      >>  GRACEnet

      >>  COMET-PLANNER     >>  ARS– Dairy GEM
      >>  Forest Service Climate Change Resource Center Tools    


      Habitat and Species Market Tools >>

      >>  RIBITS  


      >>  Information, Planning and Consultation System (IPac)  

      >>  Southern Great Plains Crucial Habitat Assessment Tool     >>  Recovery Online Activity Reporting System (ROAR)  
      >> Federal Highway Administration Endangered Species Act Webtool     


      Wetland Market Tools >>

      >>  RIBITS  

        >>  US Fish & Wildlife Service Wetlands Mapper  
      >>  Environmental Law Institute Wetland Programs Tools