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Environmental markets for habitats create incentives for landowners to improve ecosystem services on their lands. These markets are often incentivized by regulatory programs such as the Endangered Species Act, though they may also be voluntary.

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Measuring Up
The Willamette Partnership developed this report to focus on two areas of action that could help improve effective investments for biodiversity: 1) Standardizing systems for measuring the outcomes of programs, and 2) Providing options for how federal agencies and others might support biodiversity incentives, including markets. 

Biodiversity and Habitat Markets: Policy, Economic, and Ecological Implications of Market-Based Conservation
This U.S. Geological Survey report explores the policy context, structure, ecological effectiveness, and tools associated with market-based mechanisms for biodiversity and habitat conservation. 

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service: Conservation Banking  
This site provides information on conservation banking as it relates to the Endangered Species Act. Find information on Habitat Conservation Plans, existing conservation banks, recovery credits, and more.
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